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Hi! I'm Leo Toccaceli, a Fullstack Javascript Developer


Here are some of the projects I've done so far. This list will continue growing as I am currently learning React.

Meme of the day
A front end project that consumes the Meme Generator API and displays a new meme everyday and a randon meme every time you require one.
Technologies used:
Muvis RESTful API
Restful API that consumes The Movie Database API and serves it's best 100 movies. It supports CRUD operations and the db has been done with lowdb.
Technologies used:
JS NodeJS Express npm
A CLI application that consumes the icanhazdad API and returns a random dad joke. You can download and run it.
Technologies used:
JS NodeJS npm
A project in which 19 of the most used JS array methods are implemented by extending the array prototype object.
Technologies used:
You are in the project, this is it! This page was done using tailwindcss, an unopinionated utility-first CSS framework, along with postcss.
Technologies used:
HTML CSS JS npm tailwindcss

This page is it!

Github repo
JS challenges
I have done many algorithmic JS challenges on Codewars (a platform designed to train algorithmic problems) and from Eloquent Javascript -a theory book-, both resources we used to study in undefinedschool. You can learn how I think around problems in this repos:
What am I good at?

I started building things in the internet in the beginning of 2015. Once I understood the complex machinery behind a web page, I realized that putting algorithms in order to create new things was a craftsman´s job. And I realized that it was my thing.

Now, after having worked in two successful businesses and having studied to become a fullstack javascript developer for two years,
this is what I know I'm very good at:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS (ES6+)
  • Tailwindcss
  • Responsive design
  • Chrome Devtools
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Postman
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Github
  • Terminal
Digital Marketing
  • Wordpress
  • Woocommerce
  • Content creation
  • Email marketing automations

Who am I?
What have I done so far?

Development is what I love doing these days, but I've had a few other interests through the years. I'm also a digital marketing specialist, an entrepeneur and a journalist. I love chasing down my curiosity
-and I'm an Elon Musk fan.
Go Tesla, go spaceX.


FrontEnd Developer - June 2020 to today

Frontend development using Vue.js

Hew Keratin

Founder - Nov 2015 to Jan 2020
  • I created a hair cosmetics brands with three partners focused only in ecommerce
  • Content creation, development and constant improvement of our ecommerce site (Wordpress + Woocommerce)
  • Design of the digital strategy of the brand
  • Planning of the comercial strategy
  • Digital marketing budget planning and analysis
  • Email marketing automations developed based on different triggers integrated with our site (browsing interactions and ecommerce triggers) with Mailchimp
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot plan and development with MobileMonkey for improved UX (also integrated with the site)

MAGMA AG - Digital Marketing agency

Founder - February 2015 to December 2016

Exert Argentina

Coordinator - December 2011 to February 2014
January 2010 to December 2010
  • Coordination of tasks in clients with the firm team of technicians. We got from 60 to 90% of task completion under my lead.
  • ISO quality standards internal auditor (re-certification of ISO 9001 quality standard)
Let's talk!
You have already read about me. Now I want to hear from you. Let me know your ideas, your projects, your doubts or any way I could help you.
I´m looking forward to working together!

Leo Toccaceli

Living, learning and growing one day at a time

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